• This time, two new venues...
    The Horse & Groom in Wareham - first gig on Saturday 4th November.
    Smuggler's Run on Ashley Road, Upper Parkstone - first gig on Friday 22nd December
    Fingers crossed we get enough support to promote some repeat bookings in 2018!
  • Our Drummer, Mike, has become temporarily unavailable so we would like to say a HUGE thanks
    to awesome drummers John, Andy, Dave and Joe. These guys have all taken time out to learn our sets
    at short notice and are taking turns (around their own band's gigs) to fill in for Mike
  • Another lost venue...
    This time it's the Butler & Hops, Poole (formerly, the Globe Cafe) who have decided to stop
    showing live music. This has been a regular and popular venue for the band for many years so
    we are sad to see the end of an era...